At whatever point another application or innovation is put out there in the market or online, marketers are among the first to explore different avenues regarding it – and to begin making new content with it. This means that marketers and advertisers are continually going after their group of viewers’ for their consideration and undivided attention – and regularly by the most enhancing and engaging means available.

Now, for many marketers out there, getting this attention from potential customers means making entertaining video content. And given the behavior of the market today, there seems to be no other way around it, people are digging this video content as they want to see who they are getting their products and services from. There’s no way to avoid it – advertisers must make video content on the off chance that they need to widen their scope and reach while associating with groups of audiences across many social media platforms like Facebook and video streaming sites such as Youtube.

But to be honest, video content creation isn’t really revolutionary or cutting-edge anymore. Groups of viewers need to see more video content, and different advertisers and distributers are making more video recordings accordingly. There are reports that, almost 50% of advertisers revealed that they’d be putting more resources into making YouTube and Facebook videos in the coming year. Also, as per Cisco, video content will represent 69% of all internet traffic for consumers and online shoppers before the current year is over. So, if you’re still not in the loop, it’s never too late to hop on the bus.

Numerous advertisers realize that they have to begin utilizing video, however when it comes time to take a seat and make one, they usually find themselves at a loss on what to do. If you are new to this process, we recommend for you to use pre-recorded videos that addresses your customers and viewers. Make short “thank you” recordings from your group to new clients or clients that you upsell. You may also make a Screencast demo of your product and/or service along the way. Or you can make an animated GIF of how to use a component, a function or a feature of your app or tool. You can even perhaps take 15-second testimonials from actual customers and people who will shower praises to your business. People tend to believe reviews and the word of customers like them.

By the time you’ve got people picking up to your videos, you may want to beef up the quality of your content. You can now make your videos a little bit longer. This is a nice opportunity to do an introduction of the company and what’s it all about, what it stands for such as its mission, and vision. This should establish a good image what your company is and will foster further trust to your customers, which will in turn, attract new ones. You can go and be experimental about the videos, make them light and easy to digest so it can entertain a lot of people. The point is to get them into the groove. We hope this short article helps you sort things out. Good luck and happy recording.

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