You Are What Google Says You Are

If you are running a business whether it be small or large, you’d always want your business to do great and not just get by and be okay, not spectacular not great, just mediocre. People who start [...]

What You Missed on Google Last Month

There was some strange activity that happened specifically in Gmail in July 2017 that affected the performance of the subscribers and obviously caused some great concern among the community. [...]

How To Start Using Video In Your Marketing

At whatever point another application or innovation is put out there in the market or online, marketers are among the first to explore different avenues regarding it – and to begin making [...]

Mobile Phones Are Changing The Way We Live

Mobile phones have changed the way we interact online and in our everyday lives. Companies constantly find ways to attract people as they test out products and brands both online and offline. [...]

Engaging With Your Customers Online

You can’t discuss web-based social network advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without having a talk about online reviews. Reviews have turned into the new informal advertising [...]