Spreading word about your business is important, especially the through word of mouth. What if you can do this sort of advertising in a much expedient manner? This is where the internet comes in. This is the reason why it’s very helpful to delve into Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the effort to attract website traffic, especially organic (non-paid) search engine results. In other words, it’s a practice that would result in enabling your website to be found much easier online. To do this, one must understand the behavior of people online, that means finding out what they are looking for, what words they are using when looking for something in particular and the type of content they are drawn to the most.

Taking advantage of this kind of information would enable you to generate content that the people would prefer to consume. And with the consumption of content comes sales. This practice tells you that this SEO is more about people rather than anything, it’s tracking consumer behavior and polishing your business practices based on where the market trend if going, and sometimes, where it leads. Take for instance a business that sells sandwiches, how can you improve the quality of a user’s search result page to reach out better to your already identified customers? What kind of snacks do people like? What key terms and words are they using? What types of snacks are these people looking for and where are these people mostly located? And so on. Taking heed of these types of important questions is what the practice of SEO manages to address.

A search engine is a very powerful tool. Within a matter of seconds or in many cases even less than a second, a search engine combs through billions of pieces of content throughout the world wide web and evaluate thousands of factors just to be able to figure out the things that you type in to that search bar then bring them all to you – yes, even those that can be found in the second page of the search results, believe it or not.

The main reason why paying attention to SEO is important is because it matters to the tech savvy Big Data people who keep track and in some degree influence the flow of information we get form the internet and also, the majority of traffic online is due to all the activity that’s happening on the search engines in real time so this means organic traffic receive much more clicks compared to paid advertisements. And since SEO relies on real-time users, it’s important that you make content that appeals to them and not what you think would appeal to the search engines per se. This also means that misleading content or pages that are put up just to entice clicks yet not showing quality in the end makes your company image suffer in the long run.

Still confused? Good thing that we, here, at ORgetUS Inc. offer consultation regarding these matters, whether SEO related or anything about websites and getting an online presence about small to medium sized enterprises.

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