Video Voiceover

Technical Support
  • Increase video engagement
  • Low cost
  • Professional image
  • More convincing message
  • Build brand awareness
  • Create marketing consistency

reate more interest in your video marketing efforts with a professional voiceover that helps build your brand and presents the best possible image to your customers.


Video voiceover is a service that helps business owners take their video marketing to the next level while building viewer engagement and customer awareness of your brand.

The service is aimed at businesses utilizing video marketing to provide low cost voice over recording and deliver professional results. We offer state of the art studio recording facilities and voice over artists with many years of industry experience.

Radio Voiceover

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  • Exceptional customer reach
  • Create a memorable impression
  • Increased business reputation
  • Be known in your area
  • Create customer recognition
  • Attract local customers

ake your small business marketing to the next level with your own professionally produced radio commercial and attract local customers like never before.


A successful radio commercial campaign can work wonders for a small business in its geographic area. Be known in your area and increase the mindshare and reputation of your business among locals.

We offer state of the art recording facilities and professional voice acting at our offices in Naples, FL. Contact us to start your radio marketing campaign today!

Phone Message

Mobile Marketing
  • Low cost
  • High quality results
  • Shows commitment to professionalism
  • Improved customer service

ecord a voice over phone message for your business and increase the customer satisfaction of calls to your business.


A voice over message for your business phone system will show your company’s dedication to customer service and professionalism with every phone call. Build confidence in your business with potential customers with a high quality phone message.

This service is for businesses that receive phone calls from clients, don’t lose potential customers to a busy phone line again.

Custom Voiceover

SEO Guide
  • Low cost
  • Customized to your needs
  • Help with script if necessary
  • The right tone for your purpose

ontact us to record a custom voice over to fit the specific needs of your business.



We can record any custom voice over for your business for any purpose you choose. We will help to identify the right tone of voice and approach to create maximum impact for your idea.

Contact us today with your voice over script and we will make your idea a reality.

Photo Slideshow Voice

  • Low cost
  • Bring slideshows to life
  • Explain features to customers
  • Make an impact

 photo slideshow is a great selling tool for real estate, car sales and many other businesses. Bring your slideshows to life with a voiceover.


Still and video slideshows are great selling tools and ways to attract potential customers. They let your clients see and experience your product or service. But they can be must more powerful when combined with a voice over that offers in depth descriptions and describes the selling points of your product or service.

TV Commercials

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  • Maximum exposure for your business
  • Strong impact on potential customers
  • Increased brand reputation

eady to create a television commercial? We are here to help you produce the best image of your company every step of the way.


Creating a television commercial can be a big step for a business large or small. We are here to help provide expert guidance and support along the way. TV commercial are a great marketing opportunity when used to its full potential let us do the research and match you with production experts that can will get you the best quality results.

Business Presentation

PPC Optimization
  • Low cost
  • High audience engagement
  • Make a strong statement

o you need a business presentation that is convincing and makes a strong statement for your ideas?


A strong business presentation is all in the delivery let our voice over service make your case in a convincing and impactful way. Make a great impression in the board room and let us produce a professional voice over for your presentation today!


  • Low cost
  • Build a loyal audience
  • Get more subscribers

ave you ever though about doing your own podcast and building a huge listening audience? We can help you do just that.


Would you like to communicate with your audience on a regular basis? A podcast is one of the best ways to expand your audience and create loyal listeners. ORgetUS can help you produce a regular podcast using our professional voice acting talent.

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