Ever since the dawn of marketing, marketers have been aware that they could not just publish content online frequently, but instead they have to publish their content with substance. Now, substance can be a subjective term at best, it can mean the most informative content, or even the shortest perhaps or it can mean the most entertaining, it all depends on what your product ultimately is and who are the specific demographic your company is trying to appeal to.

But the job does not end there, your content must not only have good substance and quality it must also be optimized so that the search engines can pick them up easily and be spread to as many people as possible.

Traditionally, this content was mostly focused on written content, but today it has expanded to not only the written ones like blogs, vlogs and ebooks but a comprehensive content strategy includes other media as well like podcasts, infographics, and, of course, videos. What’s more, with the ever growing popularity of other content formats comes the need to upgrade your own content for the popular search engines. One important place to do that is, needless to say, on YouTube.

So how does that work? What are the means you have to take to improve your YouTube channel for searching? We’ve sketched out some helpful hints just for you.

First thing you gotta look into is the title of your video. When we look for video content, one of the principal things that our eyes are attracted to is the title. That is frequently what decides if the watcher will snap to watch your video, so the title ought to be convincing, as well as, clear and brief.

Next thing we need to look at is the description. As indicated by Google, the character limit for YouTube videos is 1,000 characters. That’s a lot of characters and you can use all of it if you want but remember that people came to your page to watch your video and not read a novel adaptation of it. So, keep it concise. However you need to keep in mind to optimize the video too, so you may want to throw in a little bit of transcript of the video just for good measure.

Remember to use tags to let viewers know what the video is about in a few words. Tagging is very crucial for YouTube as it informs Youtube’s system itself what your video is about. This will help Youtube recommend this video to users who have matching interests or have a viewing pattern that is compatible to the type of video content that you are producing. So, this means more viewers for you.

Now that you’re almost done, it’s time to select a Category. This will help Youtube sort out your video with the rest of the videos of similar content. However, choosing the right Category might need a little research and a few considerations like finding out who are the most popular Youtube creators of a particular Category you’re thinking to align your videos with; also, what are these creators known for and are their videos the type you want your videos to be identified with and so on. So after thinking about these things you should be all set to uploading your videos, we hope this helps.

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