You know how you visit Google Street View and see all the shops in line but can’t actually see them up-close? What many people are unaware of is that Google Street View has a feature that allows business owners to give a 360 view of what’s inside their establishments. A virtual tour in your business will create trust amongst potential and existing customers and will give on-lookers a general idea on what they can expect once inside your establishment. This is something that can be useful for owners of restaurants, cafe’s and inns. However, the options do not limit to those types of businesses.

Basically, what will happen is, representatives from Google will visit your property and then capture 360 degree photos of parts of your establishment, just as they do on the streets and then publish it for the search engine. With the main purpose of generating interest among consumers, this feature of Google Street View should enhance trust between you and the consumers when they are looking for businesses they want to avail the products and services to. Google has concrete data and studies which prove that, indeed, having a 360 virtual tour feature inside your business will boost both consumer interest as well as sales.

Having a virtual tour in your business should give prospective buyers an immersive experience when it comes to knowing your company and your services. Doing this will garner trust among people and they might be able to say that your company may be worth the shot, if they haven’t been to your store yet. Google even has data to prove that a good number of viewers of the virtual tour would end up visiting your establishment. This says that having a virtual tour will help prospective subscribers become comfortable and understand what your business stands for.

The great thing about this feature is that you can upload the virtual tour directly to your website for all people to see. These can also be viewed in mobile phones and in many hand-held gadgets so this means that the insides of your company can be viewed absolutely anywhere. Show people your store, office, school, showroom, restaurant, hotel rooms and lobby with this neat little feature. Also, it does not take much to accomplish. A professional will arrive at your site and will take a minute to set up and with a few clicks, Bob’s your uncle, you got yourself some nice photos and they should be ready for publishing.

A Google virtual tour would do wonders for your business but for them to be published, you got to have yourself a website to upload it on. This is where we come in. We at OrgetUS Inc. make websites that will suit your business needs whatever it may be. We cater to multiple industries such as in food, skilled professionals, medicine, hotel services and much more. Visit our website to find out the different affordable packages that will benefit you and your company.

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