Google is continually making innovations to help business owners have a more streamlined approach in reaching out to customers. The tech giant has a feature that will help companies have more visibility online. Google Business Listing has a new sub-feature that enables website owners to add posts that will be displayed instantly when a user searches for your business name on the Google search engine.

This enables users to see a part of what’s inside your website and some of the created content that’s within it even before they have actually visited your website.

These posts are instrumental in giving your viewers fresh information or just the latest news and updates on your website and company.  Providing current information in a more time efficient manner is the main goal of this little feature. This can be a good opportunity to announce upcoming events, tell everyone your flagship product, disclose promotions or maybe even just to share news related to your industry.

At this point, you might want to know the specifics on what to do if you take advantage of this feature.

First off, you have to keep in mind the number of words you use. 100 to 300 words is the recommended number for a post like this. However, only the first 100 words will show up on the search page so you have to make the first 100 relevant. Another thing you might want to know is that the feature also comes with a button below to redirect your readers to your website. As of this writing, the words are as follows: Learn more, Reserve, Sign up, Buy, Get offer.

Posting pictures can be quite handy too. All pictures must be in rectangle and square format. Square format pictures should be no bigger than 250×250 pixels. If you see an image you like and is too large, re-size it and optimize it using an image compressor. Also, keep in mind that a post will only last for seven days so you have to keep everything fresh and updated. This is all true except for the posts about events, which will be up until you take them down yourself.

One more important thing we almost forgot to add is that you have to have a Google My Business account first to get yourself started with this. Once you’ve had this all set up and have your business pop up in the searches, you’d want to go to the profile page of your account then choose the Posts option to get started. Alternatively, you can choose request access to Posts when you get there so you can get a hold of this feature.

However, if you ask us, we’d recommend for you to hand this task over to the experts and have them take care of it, as well as a bunch of other stuff. Good thing OrgetUS Inc. is here to help. We’ve reached out to several dozen clients over the course of the years and they always leave satisfied. You could be next.

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