As with any business, it’s important to determine who your target audience is first when delving into online marketing. If you are able to identify your core audience the more likely you will be able to deliver content that serves them the best. But, of course, everything sounds simple on paper, however, there are too many content creators and even social media managers who rely on keywords alone when trying to optimize their posts and pages for the search engines. This may have worked in the past but the new Hummingbird Algorithim update has changes that may just turn the usual practices upside down.

The problem with too much dependence on keywords in your content strategy is that it may not give the results the readers are looking for. Not everything may be covered in the search. For instance, if someone asks a question regarding your product, the words you would use to reply to the one who asked may or may not contain words that will be keyword friendly in a traditional SEO sense, because, of course, the main goal is to answer the person’s question. So, although you may have helped the person who asked, the people who have the same question may get a hard time looking for that Q&A if it happened that your answer did not contain enough SEO savvy keywords.

Another danger is that, you may be tempted to make content or articles that you do not necessarily need just so you could hit some SEO points. Instead of spending time making quality posts, content creators and strategists may waste time in making blog posts or articles that have the “right” keywords smacked all over them just so they will be found easier in the search pages.  Doing this may generate traffic, but how sure are we that this will end up in a sale?

Gearing away from Keyword-is-King approach in the strategy may save you time and resources as well as attract the right kind of audience, which is always the buying kind of audience. Spending time in creating content that addresses the needs and the issues of your target market is an efficient way to foster trust and, of course, profit. However, we’re not saying that keywords should be completely thrown out of the window. While they still should be a consideration, they should never take precedence over what matters most: talking to your potential and recurring customers.

Here at ORgetUS Inc. our motto has always been Content-is-King. We are always working hand-in-hand with our clients from all over the globe to make sure that their websites and other online marketing efforts would become optimized for the search engines such as Google. SEO is something that we have a decent grasp on and our mission is to help more and more small to medium scale business enterprises to do well by means of the internet. Visit our website to learn more of the services or, better yet, give is a call on our toll-free number +1 239-674-3887 for a free consultation.


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