You can’t discuss web-based social network advertising and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) without having a talk about online reviews. Reviews have turned into the new informal advertising to enable your business to create trust amid a person’s online research activities. Google constantly updates its Google My Business project. In this article, we take a look at their new function and how it can affect your future plan for your business.

Google wedded social media and SEO when it launched Google My Business. It’s Google’s way of taking advantage of the social media platform. It’s vital to note that Google utilizes Google My Business in nearly every web index ranking. Usually, it’s one of the first things that a search engine user will see while searching on Google.

Moreover, Google enables shoppers to include reviews on these pages. In the event that enough reviews are made, you can rate how good a business is by giving it up to five stars. The more stars, the more likely will the Google search users be attracted by your business. Once your business has been optimized well through getting positive reviews and get rated with high stars on an average, Google My Business can then rank on a local level and get more viewers see your business more easily.

This can be an efficient way of attracting new customers to get to know your business products and services.  Google My Business also allows you to create a website for your business in a matter of minutes. There are design themes to choose from and is customizable with text and photos. In today’s digital age, if you want rapid growth for your business, a well-made website is certainly a must.  Google My Business also allows for your business to be made visible in Google Maps and lets you put other details like when your business opens and closes daily or perhaps changes to your business phone number and such.

The Reviews section certainly helps you build customer loyalty by engaging with them. It even has a nifty feature where it tells you how most people arrive to your website by showing you if they Google searched for keywords relating to your business (for example if you run a bakery, then people arrived at your website by typing words like “bread” or “cakes”, on the Google search bar) or if they typed the name of your business directly.

As of February 2017, Google made changes to the Review features on Google My Business. Previously, a business needed five comments before the reviews show up on their Google My Business page along with their star ratings. This has been changed now for Google allows for the reviews to show up along with the ratings even with just a single review.

Check your Google My Business reviews right away, and at that point devise a way to get more positive feedback. It’s all about usability for the customer. Now, with the all-new Google My Business, you can reach your customers current and potential ones to like your business. The speedy relay of information, the snapshots you can post and the accessibility to your customers make the business grow faster. If you don’t already have Google My Business working for you then it would be high time for you to

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