With users making billions of online searches each day, Google keeps on advancing its innovation, with the end user being the top priority. On the off chance that you didn’t make it to the summit of Mountain View this year, don’t fret. We have the greatest tips to help you strategize for an awesome future in search results. Amid Google’s yearly I/O summit, Google reported a few forthcoming developments to their list. These are things that we foresee will make some entirely radical leaps in the subject of internet search.

For those who didn’t know, Google’s Inside/Outside Innovation Summit of 2017 brought forth some great new things in the realm of the internet, particularly in the IoT. Corporate teams, entrepreneurs, investors, notable names in the industry and start-up wonders all made up this year’s event and all worked towards innovating the start-up scene.

It is very likely that your typical Google search brings you a large number of various results. In some cases, you will see a “pack” of local results at the top. Possibly you’ve likewise seen a map and pins. This is all well and good but what was happening was most local results people get tend to be a bunch of cooking recipes and movies. This may come as sort of an issue to a number of users as not all generally want to see recipes and movies all the time in their mobile search results.

Luckily, there are fixes in the internet that can remedy this, though it may require some technical know-how. These fixes will allow a user to get a better display in results when doing a mobile search. This could be something more relevant to the search at hand or maybe something stronger to the one you may be looking for such as a high star rating or nice reviews.

Google has now made an update on the utilization of AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages Project), which is an open source project to push the speed of mobile searches. This venture will empower Google search to show instant loading content, which is getting all the more important as more and more people year by the year are relying on their phones when using the internet and as phones are getting smarter and more powerful than ever with every next release. Google expressed that, “more than 40% of users surrender on a page that takes over three seconds to load,” which makes this project more important than any time in recent memory. There is just so much to anticipate as we are gearing toward a more mobile internet.

One way for your website to be more accessible to mobile phone search results is to make your website responsive. This means that your website should conform to the screen resolution of whatever device the user has.  Needless to say this makes viewing your page much more convenient. Also, page loading time can be a major factor in making your website congenial to mobile phone searches. Thank goodness ORgetUS can do both of these things and more.

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