In our previous article we talked about how making videos can garner your company so much needed attention from people who use the internet which pretty much counts as large part of the global population.  It doesn’t take long to record videos, especially if you’re a beginner to this thing, however, it may take some time to master. You know what they say, good things never come easy. Although there may be a few obstacles here and there along the way, all it may take are a few small changes to get your viewership up.

Now, the worst problem you will have to face when making videos is when nobody watches them. If you have not stumbled upon this problem on the onset and your videos have turned viral overnight, then good for you. But for those who may be struggling to get more people to watch their videos, we have some tips that we hope might help you in formulating your next video content strategy.

The first advice we’d like to give is – KISS. It appears as though we’re past the issue of requiring evidence of the ever diminishing human ability to focus or what is commonly called as the attention span. However, for those of you who don’t know – research says it’s about eight seconds. Additionally, approximately 66% of buyers lean toward video lengths that last under one minute, so in other words: Keep it short and simple.

This isn’t to imply that your video should be constrained to eight seconds – all things considered, 8 seconds may be too limiting to present anything in that measure of time. Be that as it may, when you make it, ensure those initial few moments are profoundly captivating, as that is the point of making the video in the first place; you’ll have to snatch the viewer’s fleeting attention and to retain it.

This is because when you set out to make a video marketing strategy, a standout amongst the most urgent things to consider is the thing that your intended target group needs to watch – present and potential viewers alike. Aside from some brief entertainment, what will be useful to them? What will stand out enough to be noticed, make them happy enough that they lend to you their eyeballs even for a short amount of time, and, most importantly, answer the inquiries that led them to clicking your video to begin with?

Be that as it may, YouTube isn’t the only place where video recordings are consumed – and it’s by all accounts not the only place where you’ll discover your intended niche or target market. Consider that 45% of individuals, for example, gorge over an hour of videos on either YouTube or Facebook. Plus, Need we tell you that Facebook is the most well known social media site, with 79% of all U.S. online grown-ups utilizing it? So in case, you’re concentrating on YouTube alone, and not making unique video content on Facebook – well, you may be passing up a great opportunity on a key segment of potential customers.

So, this wraps up the few things we can share to boost your video viewership. We hope this helps and we’ll see you in the next article.

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