Browsers get updated all the time and this may come across as another thing to worry about if you are a business owner who also runs a company website. However, these changes are always for the better. Take for instance the recent update made by Google. The new Chrome 56 has added a security feature that will strengthen the browser against encryption attacks from potentially hostile sources. As of this writing, Firefox is currently developing their update which should be released very soon.

The new security measure will come in the form of a warning before a user is able to view the website. This is not a new thing, however. If you’ve tried visiting a website before and you see a notification page that says something about a SSL Certificate and would basically ask you to avoid the website, then you probably know what we’re talking about here. Nevertheless, there would be a work-around for that which will give you an option to proceed anyway after understanding the risks, or something along those lines. The new update gives this feature a little boost. Now, all websites that have a function that would ask for a login from their users will now have their users be given this warning. This can only be avoided if the website owner transfers their website from HTTP to HTTPS.  You will know which one your website has if you check the address bar and see which one your website begins with.

Google did not have any issues with having the websites that collect personal information be on the HTTP before but as of Chrome 56, websites of this nature should be on the HTTPS section for it to be cleared for authentication as far as Google is concerned. Through the use of encryption and authentication processes, HTTPS secures sensitive information such as passwords and credit card information in a way that the HTTP cannot.

So, if your website asks for logins or perhaps has something to do with selling products online then the wisest choice to make at this moment is to have your website migrated to HTTPS. But even if your website isn’t selling anything but still collects logins for whatever reason, Google Chrome will flag this as a non-secure site and will display the notification to its users. To counter this, the website owner should purchase an SSL Certificate so that the migration to HTTPS will happen.

A smooth migration from HTTP to HTTPS is something that ORgetUS can do for you. Other than the added security bonus, this migration can help your website in the SEO rankings and with further adjustments from our web dev team; we can make your website a truly competitive one. Take a tour on our website and see the packages we offer. We made templates for affordable websites that will suit any small to medium scale businesses. As an added bonus, we will also make sure to have your websites optimized for the search engines to easily pick up.

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