The URL is something that’s easily overlooked when it comes to making blogs and websites. However, we cannot deny its importance. The realm of the internet is a very competitive place. Everyone is competing for attention every second of the day. Relevance matters. If you are looking to bring as much traffic as possible to your site, adding the right keywords to your URL can be that knife in your boot when it comes to winning the competition for online relevance. Since we love you, we’re going to dispense a few tips which can help you construct an efficient URL for your site.

Keep It Short and Simple

The KISS rule applies even in making URL’s. Doing a quick online search is simple enough for anybody, but what if you’re put in a moment where the only available option for you is the good old pen and paper. Will you make it look like an absolute mess or would you want it to be as smooth as James Bond? The shorter and the easier to memorize your URL will be, the more the people will be able to remember your brand and your company.

Make it Descriptive

Make sure that the URL you pick is something that immediately tells about your company or product in just a word or two. A visitor who sees your URL should get a good idea what your website or company is about at a moment’s glance. If your URL goes something like this:, it may win the Risky Click of the Day Award but it will definitely raise some eyebrows of your customers. Also, can you imagine how that will look on your business card? We certainly can’t. People want to see precision, something like, anyone can instantly tell that this business is a spa and probably offers massages.

Sub domains are good

Yet we advise that you use them sparingly. It’s recommended, in fact, that you use them only when you have a need for a new website with specialized content or function that’s a bit different from your main page but not entirely. For example can have a sub domain of if you need an online store for your products.

Remove the Caps

Capitalized letters on the URL can cause issues for the user, especially if they’re manually typing them. If there is a very extreme need for you to use capital letters, for some reason, tweak your website so that it will be redirected to a URL with lower-case letters. Or, better yet, leave that to us. We’ve been doing websites that satisfied numerous clients for years, you’d be in good hands.

To know more about the services offered by ORgetUS, visit us in our website and check out our package deals. We have experts who will be willing to answer your questions should you decide to contact us. We make marketing-based apps that are fitted for small and medium business enterprises. If this is something that’s right up your alley, talk to us.


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