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Advertising and marketing for a small business can be very expensive especially in an uncertain economic climate and seasonal changes in business volume. Lots of small local business are the first to cut down on their marketing efforts when money is tight. But in the off season in Naples, Florida it is even more important to keep your business in the spotlight of the community, because your local customers are the one who support your business year round.

When the economy is slow customers, clients and other businesses have less money to spend. This means it is even more important to keep your name in their minds when they need your product or service. Social media is one of the latest and most effective ways to engage customers but there are made other methods available to small business owners as well. Here are some marketing ideas that can help you grow your business even with a limited budget.

1. Have a strong pitch

Think about marketing all the time and in any situation. Develop an engaging sales pitch because you really only have a few seconds to get your potential clients or customers attention. Put in the time to create a simple pitch that explains the benefits of your products or service. The investment will pay off  in creating new growth opportunities for your business.

2. Engage your community

Think locally when it comes to marketing your business. Find out what’s happening in your community. Try sponsor a local event or good cause like a charity run that can help others. Print free postcards or bookmarks and leave them at a local hotel or library. Think about your customers and their roles in your community you will be able to find an opportunity to reach them with your message.

3. Work with other businesses

Assemble a group of like minded businesses not in competition with each other in your town. Agree to cross-promote each others products and services. You can print combined coupons, fliers and share website links to build traffic and recognition for your website. By working together each business will expand their pool of customers and reach new potential customers.

4. Networking

Networking is extremely important. There’s no better way to grow your business than to put your feet to the pavement and get to know people in your community. This will take a serious commitment in time and won’t produce results immediately but over time it can become one of the greatest assets you have as a business.

6. Create local buzz

You can accomplish a lot as a small business on your own by reaching out to smaller media opportunities. Write and send a press release to your local newspaper. Also seek out bloggers who live in the area and would be happy to get content and writing for their blog about your business.

7. Ask customers for referrals

Always ask your satisfied customers for referrals most people are happy to provide them and recommend your business to others. But they won’t do it unless you ask. Referrals are a great way to find new customers and clients so don’t miss out on this affordable marketing opportunity.

8. Build relationships with customers

It is easier to keep a customer you have than to acquire a new one. That is why its critical to build a strong relationship with your customers. Consider starting an e-mail campaign make your newsletter interesting and helpful to your customers. So they look forward to receiving them.

9. Offer incentives and coupons

Coupons are a great way to get repeat business and attract potential customers. People love coupons and will go out of their way to use them. If you give a current customer a coupon there’s a great chance they will come back.

10. Give it away

Give people the opportunity to try your product or service. There is a good change they will be back for more. People are more confident in purchasing something once they know what they are going to get.

These affordable marketing strategies will help you find potentional customers, build strong relationships, and keep your business in people’s minds. It’s not important how much money you have to spend on your marketing efforts. It about the effort you put in to engage with your customers and local community.

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