1. Seasonal Content and Promotions

Keep up with holidays and what’s happening year-round. Offer timely content and promotions on a regular basis.

2. Free Samples and Trials

Let potential buyers experience and try the product before buying. Free samples and trials tend to always be winners.

3. Audio Recordings

Whether it’s an interview or just content-rich recordings, create audios and give them away for free.

4. Interviews

Interview the product owner/creator. Get the owner of the product to provide useful content and answers to the common questions about the product.

5. Special Reports

Take content a bit further and create short special reports that you give away for free. Brand your document with your affiliate link.

6. Articles

Targeted articles that include your product as part of the solution to a problem can be very effective for sales.

7. Long Text / Email Solo Ads:

Direct response emails create some of the best sales and opt in conversion rates. So send emails to your list and consider doing solo emails.

8. Short Text Ads

Provide short content blurbs in email and blog content

9. Landing Pages for different audiences

Target your affiliate landing pages as much as possible

10. Coupons

Coupon codes are a great way to draw in new customers. Get promo codes from the product owner.

11. Live Teleseminars / Webinars

Schedule content-rich events that promote your affiliate products.

12. Videos

Create a variety of type of videos from interviews to instructional, screen capture videos and product

13. Product Reviews

Create product reviews with product specifications, quotes from customers and more.

14. Blog Posts

Along the same lines as an article a blog post can be a bit more personal and friendly in nature

15. Twitter Tweets

Everyones tweeting these days. Give a little blurb promotion (Up to 140 characters, with spaces) Remember, to leave room for your affiliate link too. Hint: Use the headline from the sales letter.

16. Pay-per-click Ads

Leverage Google Adwords, Facebook Ads and Facebook Mobile Ads as well as other Mobile Ad Networks like Admob.

17. Banners and Graphics

Use a variety of sizes for your best converting affiliate offers. Also help your reader by updating the graphics seasonally or for specific promotions automatically.

18. Inline Text links to products and specific pages

Make it easier for your readers of html emails and blogs to click directly to your affiliate offers.

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