Youtube has become a powerful influencing force in the social media sphere ever since its conception. In fact, as early as December 2006, Time Magazine has made a cover in reference to the growing number of people who were taking part of what would become a new generation of individuals who utilize the then growing power of the internet. They named their person of the year to be “you” or that is the readers themselves. This upward trend never stopped since then and today there are one billion people who use Youtube with people watching hundreds of millions of hour’s worth of videos per day. Suffice to say that Youtube has surpassed the scope of TV and other forms of traditional media.

But with all the influence of the social media, or just Youtube alone, it’s surprising to learn that less than 10% of all small businesses in the US have much less maintain a Youtube account. Many small business owners think that uploading content on a regular basis is an expensive endeavor and would add just something new to worry about on top of the other things they already have in their minds. That may be true, posting something weekly or daily just for the sake of promotion may get in the way of other matters relating to the business but one thing’s for sure though; making Youtube videos is not expensive. All you need to get started is a decent camera and a decent microphone and you’re good to go. Many big Youtubers started out their careers this way. One of Youtube’s biggest celebrities, username Pewdiepie still records himself in a small room with just a camera on, even when he’s already earning by the millions in this platform.  As a business owner, you may not be aiming to become a big star in Youtube, but this Youtuber (and many others who benefit greatly from this platform) demonstrates our point – content is what the viewers are after and not necessarily a big scale production.

Youtube is a great opportunity to showcase your products and services by making eye-catching videos. Some videos get so popular they go viral, or shared by as many people as possible. People love to watch adorable animals, short cooking demos and funny videos. They even show interest in arts and crafts and the making of things that put attention to detail. If your businesses falls under any of these things then there’s a good chance that your video will go viral.

Starting a Youtube channel is easy and even fun but if you are still unsure on how to go about this, give us a call at our toll free number +1 239-674-3887 for a free consultation. You may also check out our website for other information regarding our services. ORgetUS Inc. specializes not only in social media promotion but also with building cool and awesome websites for almost all small to medium scale business industries. Do away with the perception that making videos is a difficult task. With guided help from our experts we can make the process an exciting one for you.

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