Content marketing is the new and the more impactful way of communicating to your prospects and a clearly defined set of customers. Compared to traditional advertising which has become increasingly unpopular amongst consumers, this largely digital-based marketing strategy seems to be gaining more preference from businesses large and small. The beauty about content marketing is that it can come in many forms, utilizing various platforms that take advantage of a company’s creativity. This allows for more diverse and entertaining ways of reaching out to your target market. However, this approach may be daunting, especially for businesses who are new to this strategy.

So, we’ll be listing for you 5 of the most effective ways of doing content marketing – ways that ORgetUS can offer to all of you.

  1. Website Content

Your website is your online front door. It’s the place you establish that extremely essential first impression of your company and to what you guys can do. What this means is that the very first thing that the people will see matters as it will define what kind of organization you represent. It is also important that you clearly state what your company can do or offer, conveyed in a direct, brief and simple language.

  1. Social Media

Social media has the power to put your company’s defining image in the center of the conversation when the moment is right. Social media accounts on Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and other well-used services allow you to be in touch your customers and disseminate promos and other content that constructs meaningful connections and feedbacks that your business can learn from.

  1. Infographics

Suppose you have heaps of numbers to share. How would you introduce the greater part of that information without putting everybody to sleep? This is the where an infographic can offer assistance. Infographics give you an easy-on-the-eyes approach to distribute numerical data. Whenever made and shared adequately, they can inform effectively, improve SEO and drive web traffic.

  1. Videos

You can breathe life into your message and make an impact with present and potential clients by distributing a successful video on the web. Especially popular are short videos that last a minute or two and have sliding white text that tell what is going on in the video overlaid with a happy background music. Some major companies even put their tv commercials in their social media and let the users organically spread it, cutting airtime fees.

  1. Online Newsroom

Publishing on-the-web articles give you a chance to impart news to clients, columnists and other audiences, most probably other online creators who are influential and have an enthusiasm for your organization, your industry or subject matters. These creators will most likely have an expansive reach of their own so they indirectly help spread whatever it is you are to publish online. There are several companies that incorporate newsworthy things in a current blog, while others set up an entirely separate online newsroom, complete with a convincing set and capable anchors who relay forthcoming events, new items, insider information or statistics results.



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